Cellular Respiration Answer Sheet

Cellular Respiration Answer Sheet - FAD 9)List the...

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Cellular Respiration Answer Sheet 1)Write the summary equation for aerobic respiration. C6H12O6 + O2 -----------> CO2 + H2O 2)What component is NECESSARY for aerobic respiration to occur? OXYGEN 3)Name the four phases of aerobic respiration. GLYCOLYSIS TRANSITION REACTION CITRIC ACID CYCLE ELECTRON TRANSPORT SYSTEM 4)What is the total number of ATP generated in aerobic respiration? 36 5)List each phase and how many ATP are made (net) in that phase. GLYCOLYSIS- 2 TRANSITION REACTION- 0 CITRIC ACID CYCLE- 2 ELECTRON TRANSPORT SYSTEM-32 6)List the first three phases and how many H atoms are made and what carries them to the last phase. GLYCOLYSIS- 2H NAD TRANSITION REACTION- 2H- NAD CITRIC ACID CYCLE- 8H- 6 carried by NAD; 2 carried by FAD 7)What are the H carriers of aerobic respiration? NAD AND FAD 8)What H carrier is only found in the citric acid cycle?
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Unformatted text preview: FAD 9)List the compounds that enter and exit glycolysis, transition reaction and citric acid cycle. GLYCOLYSIS – glucose enters and pyruvate exits TRANSITION REACTION- pyruvate enters and acetyl coenzyme A exits CITRIC ACID CYCLE- acetyl coenzyme A enters and CO2 exits 10)What phase in aerobic respiration is also anaerobic? GLYCOLYSIS 11)What happens to the electrons in the ETS? They are passed down an energy hill 12)What happens to the protons in the electron transport system? First they are pumped into the intermembrane space- then they shoot through a protein in the membrane emitting energy, which is used to make ATP 13)What phase is O2 found in? ELECTRON TRANSPORT SYSTEM 14) What phase takes place in the cytoplasm? GLYCOLYSIS 15) How many ATP are made in anaerobic respiration? 2...
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Cellular Respiration Answer Sheet - FAD 9)List the...

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