Ecosystems Worksheet

Ecosystems Worksheet - Primary succession begins on The...

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Ecosystems Worksheet 1) The definition of Biology is: 2) List the characteristics of life. 3) Define and give an example of the following: Autotroph Producer Heterotroph Consumer Primary consumer Herbivore Carnivore Omnivore 4) Our primary energy source is the _______. 5) Draw an Energy/ecological Pyramid. What is each box called? What does each box represent? How much energy is passed from one level to the next? What happens to the energy that does not go to the next level? 6) What direction does energy move through an ecosystem? 7) What two nutrients are important for plants and animals? How do nutrients move through an ecosystem? How does the amount of nutrients affect productivity? Why are the decomposers important to nutrients? 8) Define the following: Ecosystem
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Community Population 9) Which term above includes the other two? 10) What is a habitat? List some of its characteristics. 11) What are biomes? 12) Define succession.
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Unformatted text preview: Primary succession begins on ______________. The first organisms of primary succession are ___________. Secondary succession usually begins on _________. 13) Define a climax community. 14) What is a niche? Define potential niche. Define actual niche. 15) Competition between overlapping niches overtime will lead to ________. 16) What is resource partitioning? Give an example. 17) Species interactions. Define and give an example of each. Predation Parasitism Commensalism Mutualism 18) List the prey defenses and give an example of each. 19) Define population; exponential growth and logistic growth. 20) What are limiting factors? Carrying capacity? 21) What are density dependent controls? Density independent controls? 22) Draw the graph for exponential and logistic growth. 23) What is net reproduction? 24) How do humans side step limiting factors?...
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Ecosystems Worksheet - Primary succession begins on The...

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