Energy - 14.Endergonic reactions need energy 0 The energy...

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Energy 0. Flows in one direction 1. Potential energy = stored energy 0. Rock at top of hill 2. Kinetic energy = energy in motion 1. Rock rolling downhill Laws of thermodynamics 3. First Law 4. Total amount of energy in the universe is constant. Energy can change form and be transferred. 5. Second Law 6. Energy changes from a more useful to a less useful form. It becomes increasingly more random Exergonic Reactions 7. A chemical reaction where energy is released as a byproduct of the reaction. 8. AB 9. A + B + energy 10.Exergonic reactions release energy! Endergonic Reactions 11.Chemical reactions that require an input of energy to make the reaction go. 12. AB 13.A + B + energy
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Unformatted text preview: 14.Endergonic reactions need energy! 0. The energy released from an exergonic reaction is used to run an endergonic reaction. 0. Reactant 1. Product 2. 3. energy 4. 5. 6. Product 1. Reactant ATP and reactions 15.Exergonic reaction 16.ATP --------} ADP + P + energy 17.Endergonic reaction 18.ADP + P + energy--------} ATP Metabolism 19.A series of chemical reactions making up a pathway. 20.The pathway may be linear, cyclic or a combination. Metabolic reactions 21.Most metabolic reactions have a small energy difference-22.This means that most are reversible. 23.Direction of reaction depends on concentrations of reactants and products....
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Energy - 14.Endergonic reactions need energy 0 The energy...

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