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Unformatted text preview: Everglades Everglades Original everglades­ 9,000 square miles of marshland Waters of the everglades flow north to south An elevation difference of 1­2 inches per mile creates the natural water flow Four Regions of the Everglades 1) Kissimee River (North) - Waters of the Everglades originate here 2) Lake Okeechobee- Large shallow lake that regularly overflowed its banks banks 3) Everglades basin-central area south of the lake all the way to Florida Bay 4) Florida Bay (South) - connected to the Everglades for its supply of freshwater Kissimee River Originally 98 miles long­ slow meandering river with many marshes Man’s intervention­ Shortened river to 50 miles ­ renamed C38 canal Created farmland on the original marshes Problems created­ 0. Reduction of river length greatly reduced the size of marshlands 1. Increased farming on banks increased pollutants into river Result: More pollutants and less marsh area to cleanse the water More pollutants and less marsh area to cleanse the water “Dirty” water flows into Lake Okeechobee Man’s solution 2. 3. 4. Rebuild the river back to its original path 1979­ Kissimmee River restoration act Today­ less than 50% of river is rebuilt; Buying land back from farmers is costly 5. Building of marshes on newly acquired land helps clean the water before it enters the next region Originally Lake Okeechobee 6. Shallow lake that readily overflowed its banks during heavy rains 7. Average depth 13 ft. Man’s dilemma 8. Hurricanes in the 1920’s caused loss of human life Man’s solution 1) Build dam/dike on south part of lake Today­ Hoover dike runs around entire lake 2) Build canals to take water away from lake Canals are controlled for human water use, as well as biological Canals are controlled for human water use, as well as biological cycles Problems created by man 1)Dam and canals stopped the flow of freshwater into the everglades basin 2)pollution of river enters lake Okeechobee and speeds up the aging process­ this is called? 3)Pollutants are also added to lake by sugar farmers pumping used water back into the lake Dirtier water now flows southward into the basin Everglades Basin Man’s intervention 9. Roads­ Alligator Alley/I 75 and Tamiami Trail 10. These roads reduce the flow of water from north to south Pollutants 11. Waters flow south from lake O­ carry pollutants with them 12. Dirty water causes change in types of plants and animals that live there 0. Sawgrass to Cattails 0. Many animals do not eat or nest in cattails­ this reduces diversity and habitat Problem­ loss of water at southern end of basin and Florida Bay Problem 13. Adjustments 14. I­75 rebuild allowed for more water to flow from one side to the other 15. Pumps are used to move water southward 16. 1989­ Federal Government sued State of Florida for destroying a national park Problems Florida Bay 1) Lack of water is worst for the bay Creates high salinities which reduces productivity 2) Pollutants increase algal blooms which block light and again reduce productivity Adjustments How? 17. More fresh clean water needs to get to Florida Bay 18. Once again, buy up farm land and restore the flow of water in southeast Dade County. ...
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