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Mitosis Answer sheet


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Mitosis Answer sheet What important step for mitosis occurs in interphase? DUPLICATION OR COPYING OF THE CHROMOSOMES List the four phases of mitosis. PROPHASE METAPHASE ANAPHASE TELOPHASE List the 4 important characteristics of prophase. CHROMOSOMES SHORTEN AND THICKEN NUCLEAR ENVELOPE DISAPPEARS CENTROSOMES MOVE TOWARD OPPOSITE POLES MITOTIC FIBERS FORM What is the main characteristic of metaphase? CHROMOSOMES LINE UP ON THE EQAUTORIAL PLANE. What is the main characteristic of anaphase? CHROMATIDS ARE PULLED APART BY THE SHORTENING OF THE MITOTIC FIBERS What are the 2 main characteristics of telophase?
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Unformatted text preview: NUCLEAR ENVELOPE REAPEARS CHROMSOMES BECOME THIN AND NOT VISIBLE What is cytokinesis and when does it happen? CYTOKINESIS IS THE DIVISION OF THE CYTOPLASM IT BEGINS AT THE END OF ANAPHASE AND CONTINUES THROUGH TELOPHASE What is diploid? 2n two of each chromosome What is haploid? n one of each chromosome What are sister chromatids? Each copy of a chromosome that are attached at the centromere. What is a centromere? The attachment point of the two sister chromatids The result of mitosis is 2 daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes....
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