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Population Ecology - Population Ecology Population 0. A...

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Population Ecology Population 0. A group of individuals of the same species occupying a given area 1. Can be described by demographics 0. Vital statistics such as size, density, distribution, and age structure Population Age Structure 0. Divide population into age categories 1. Population’s reproductive base includes members of the reproductive and pre-reproductive age categories Determining Population Size 2. Direct counts are most accurate but seldom feasible 3. Can sample an area, then extrapolate 4. Capture-recapture method is used for mobile species Changes in Population Size 5. Immigration adds individuals 6. Emigration subtracts individuals 7. Births add individuals 8. Deaths subtract individuals Zero Population Growth 2. Interval in which number of births is balanced by number of deaths 3. Assume no change as a result of migration 4. Population size remains stable Per Capita Rates 5. Rates per individual 6. Total number of events in a time interval divided by the number of individuals 7. Per capita birth rate per month = Number of births per month Population size r
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8. Net reproduction per individual per unit time 9. Variable combines per capita birth and death rates (assuming both constant) 10. Can be used to calculate rate of growth of a population
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Population Ecology - Population Ecology Population 0. A...

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