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Practice problems for genetics

Practice problems for genetics - 3 Tall pea plants are...

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Practice problems for genetics 1) Frogs that can jump far are dominant over frogs that can’t. Use the letter A and a. A frog that is heterozygous mates with a frog that is recessive. What percentage of children can’t jump far? 2) Mom is heterozygous for type A blood and Dad is heterozygous for type B blood. What possible blood types can their children inherit? What is the probability of a child having type AB blood?
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Tall pea plants are dominant over dwarf pea plants. What is the genotype for the dwarf plant? Cross a heterozygous tall plant with a dwarf plant. What is the % of offspring that are dwarf? 4) Long eared bunnies are dominant over short eared bunnies. If we cross two long eared bunnies and they produce a short eared bunny, what must the genotypes of the parents be?...
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