RNA and protein synthesis

Translation 11the reading of the information on m rna

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Unformatted text preview: 11.The reading of the information on m RNA by the ribosome and the making of the protein Transcription 12.DNA strand opens and an mRNA is copied from a portion of it. portion 13.Matchings. 14.DNA strand has: 15.C-C-G-A-T-A-C-T-G-G 16.What is the match up to create m RNA? 16. 17.C-C-G-A-T-A-C-T-G-G 18.G-G-C-U-A-U-G-A-C-C 19.Where does transcription occur? 7. (Hint- where is DNA located?) Changes to mRNA 20.The mRNA strand first made (pre mRNA) is modified modified 21.Introns22.Portions of strand that are removed 23.Exons24.Portio...
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