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RNA and protein synthesis

Building 343 parts 34 35initiation start 36elongation

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Unformatted text preview: parts 34. 35.Initiation = start 36.Elongation = build 37.termination = stop Initiation 38.mRNA joins with the smaller sub unit of the ribosome. ribosome. 39.Initiator t RNA begins the peptide chain process. 40.A second t RNA brings an amino acid to the binding site binding 41.The two amino acids are joined together Elongation 42.The first t RNA is released from the ribosome. The other t RNA moves over to the P site. The 43.mRNA moves with the t RNA. 44.The A site is now open for another t RNA to match up with the codon on the mRNA. up 45.The movem...
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