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Beach Profile Analysis OBJECTIVES The objectives of this exercise are to plot topographic profile data from XZ data, to recognize the significant features of the beach, and to gain some understanding of how a beach may change through time. PROCEDURE Launch Internet Explorer or Netscape. Type in the URL for the main page of the Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program (THSCMP): . On the left side of the screen click on the Access Database link. This is your access to all of the data collected by students at Ball, Port Aransas, and Port Isabel High Schools. You have two options at this point to retrieve beach profile data: request a single profile or compare two different profiles. Both options will produce a graph of the data as well as tables with the XZ coordinate values (X=horizontal distance, Z=vertical change). Request a Single Profile . Worksheet for Beach Profile Analysis Activity 1
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Access Database The current applet used to interface with the database draws the profile based on X and Z cooridinates relative to the datum point. All profiles stored in the database are available for users to query. Users may choose between requesting a single profile, or choosing two for the purpose of comparison. Please select one of the options below. Data can be retrieved by copying and pasting from the results displayed in your browser. Request a Single Profile Request Single Use this link to request a single profile from the database. Request Two Profiles for Comparison Compare Profiles Use this link to request two profiles from the database for comparison. Press Request Profiles button. This page is your link to retrieving XZ coordinate values for the profile you specify. The naming convention for the profiles is as follows: xxxxx-yyyyyy-z:z:zz (ex. BAFOI-010319-1519) xxxxx = name of profile (ex. BEGO 1, SPI06, etc) yyyyyy = date profile measured in year, month, day format (ex. 980511 = May 11, 1998) zzzz = start time of profile in 24-hour format. The naming convention for the profiles is very simple. The first three letters represent the location of each site.
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Beach_Profile_supp2_student - Beach Profile Analysis...

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