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Sea Level: The Changing Tides Activity Instructions I. Copying the Tidal Data into a Table 1. Open Microsoft Excel so that you have a blank page to enter the data. Open in Microsoft Explorer. It will look like a Microsoft Word document. 2. Highlight the numbers in the table by putting your cursor before the number "2" under the Date/Time column. Scroll down to the bottom of the table, making sure that you include both columns of numbers. All of the numbers in the table should be highlighted or press CTL-A . Go to Edit , then Copy or press CTL-C 3. Go to your blank Excel worksheet. Put the cursor into cell A1. Go to Edit , then Paste or press CTL-V . The data from the Word document should now be in your spreadsheet. (You can close the Microsoft Word document now so that you just have your Excel spreadsheet opened on your computer.) II. Graphing data with your Excel spreadsheet 4. First, you need to highlight all of the numbers in BOTH columns (A & B), all the way down to
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Directions_for_Tides_Activity_Freeport - Sea Level: The...

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