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Chapter 1 Study Guide Definitions (also have some examples of each): Point and non-point source pollution In situ and non in situ soil decontamination Eutrophication Environmental soil chemistry Soil Trace metal Heavy metal Be able to list and describe in some detail: At least four soil decontamination methods or technologies Plant nutrients as contaminants and how they behave in soil
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Unformatted text preview: What are the three basic approaches used to decontaminate or remediate soils? Calculations (not until after HW 1 reviewed; i.e. don’t need for Quiz 1, but will need to know for Quiz 3 and beyond): NO 3-N to NO 3 and vice versa Soil moisture content and soil dry weight Formula weight of a compound Molar solutions Normality (eq/L or mol c /L) solutions pH...
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