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2010 Quiz 6 - c/kg d 200 cmol c/kg 4(30 Compare and...

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Soil Chemistry Name ________________ Quiz 6 9/29/2010 1. (10) Which of the following phyllosilicates has the highest shrink-swell potential? a. mica b. illite c. smectite d. kaolinite 2. (10) Which of the following has the lowest surface area per unit volume? a. humus b. illite c. smectite d. vermiculite 3. (10) Which of the following CEC is typical of soil humus at pH 7? a. 25 cmol c /kg b. 50 cmol c /kg c. 100 cmol
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Unformatted text preview: c /kg d. 200 cmol c /kg 4. (30) Compare and contrast humic and nonhumic soil substances (i.e., what are they and how are they similar and different?). 5. (40) What are four benefits of organic matter on soil properties? (extra credit) examine today’s cookie model and describe what mineral and/or soil materials it could illustrate (more credit for more specific detail)...
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