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2010 Quiz 4 - 4 a(10 If Mg 2 substitutes for Al 3 in the...

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Soil Chemistry 2010 Quiz 4 Name__________________ 1. (30%) You’ve read about several different soil decontamination methods. For each of the general strategies below, provide an example of a soil decontamination method that uses it. a. Immobilization/stabilization b. Degradation/transformation c. Removal 2. (20%) a. What are the two most common elements by weight and volume in soil or the Earth’s crust? b. What basic building block do these two elements form to create the largest group of minerals in the Earth’s crust? c. What other basic building block is also needed to make phyllosilicates (aka layer silicates)? 3. (20%) Define isomorphous substitution.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. a. (10%) If Mg +2 substitutes for Al +3 in the octahedral sheet, how much net layer charge do you expect? (circle the correct answer) 3 2 1-1-2-3 b. (10%) What about ferric (Fe 3+ ) ion substituting for the aluminum (Al 3+ ) ion? 3 2 1-1-2-3 5. (10%) As weathering proceeds in a given volume of material (e.g., 1 m 3 ), particle size ____________ resulting in ___________ surface area for that specified volume. a. increases, increased b. decreases, decreased c. decreases, increased d. there is no relationship between particle size and surface area of minerals...
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