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Soil Chemistry 2010 Quiz 2 Name__________________ Wednesday, Sep 1, 2010 1. (10 pts) Soil clay and organic matter particles are predominantly_______________ a. positively charged b. negatively charged c. inert or uncharged d. none of the above 2. (10 pts) T or F: 1 ppb = 1 mg/kg 3. (10 pts) Homework 1 is due by 5 pm today; T or F: if you can’t turn it in during class, you can leave it in Dr. Ulery’s mailbox in the Plant and Environmental Sciences office in Skeen 127N. 4. (10 pts) The molarity (mol/L) of a monovalent salt solution, e.g. KCl or NaCl, is ____________ the normality (eq/L or mol c /L) of that solution. a. greater than b. less than c. equal to 5. (20 pts) The pH of pure water is ______, the pH of pure rainwater falling through the atmosphere is ______, and “acid rain” generally has a pH less than______. On a national scale, the rainfall pH in the eastern part of the US is [
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Unformatted text preview: choose one: higher than, lower than, about the same as] the rainfall pH in the west. 6. (20 pts) Match the following statements with the compound that best describes it. a. phosphate b. nitrate c. uranium d. potassium e. sulfur This plant nutrient leaches easily through soil and can contaminate groundwater. ____ Because of its high density (19 g/cc), this compound is considered a heavy metal. ____ When oxidized in the atmosphere, _____ released from coal produces acid rain. Because it is strongly held on soil particles, this plant nutrients mobility is due to erosion and it mostly impacts surface water bodies. ____ 7. (20 pts) The soil was analyzed and found to contain 11,232 ppm lead and 6,870 ppm arsenic. a. What are the concentrations of lead and arsenic in mg/kg? b. What are the concentrations of lead and arsenic in percent? (show all work)...
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