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Soil Chemistry 2010 Quiz 1 Name__________________ Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010 1. (10 pts) Arrange the following in order of their contribution to your grade going from highest to lowest : midterm exam, final exam, quizzes, homeworks, and classroom attendance/participation 2. (10 pts) T or F: Your two lowest quiz scores will be dropped. 3. (10 pts) T or F: If you have to turn in late homework, the best way to make sure the professor receives it is to slide it under her office door (Skeen Hall 340N).
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (20 pts) What are the four major components of soil? i.e., what is the soil composed of? 5. (20 pts) Define point and nonpoint source of contamination and give two examples of each. 6. (15 pts) Describe one example of how improved technology could impact whether a pollution source is considered to be point or non-point . 7. (15 pts) Describe one of the functions of soil and how it pertains to your discipline. 8. (5 pts extra credit) What is the professor’s name?...
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