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08/31/10 Assignment 1: 1. A chemist is arguing that sampling is not as important as analysis. His concern is whether there is a need for a sampling course in an environmental curriculum. His main rationale is that most employers and governmental agencies already have their own training courses and very specific and detailed procedures. Another consultant, on the contrary argues that sampling should be given more weight than analysis. Her main concern is that companies always send samples to commercial laboratories for analyses, and you do not become an analytical chemist by taking one course. For each of these two arguments, specify whether you agree or disagree and clearly state your supporting arguments.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Use the web link provided in class.-Which state has the most superfund sites?-Which state(s) has(ve) the least superfund sites?-Choose a state: o What is (are) the most common contaminant(s) o For each of the most common contaminant(s) What matrix is most likely to be contaminated (i.e. soil, air, water) How many, and which, regulatory acts cover it Note: print-outs of web pages are acceptable as long as there is a short description of each in a separate doc file (i.e. you have to tell me which file is what) Please send answers by e-mail. Assignments are due one week from date of issue. Hence this is due next Tuesday. Welcome to ES 462!...
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