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Assignment 8-midterm

Assignment 8-midterm - -and/or notes that you may use in a...

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Assignment 8 - Midterm Due October 26 at 8am – no deadline extension! Electronic format please! 1. Prepare a crib sheet (typed, not handwritten ) in which include all information relevant to sampling and analysis planning. Basically assume that: - all material presented in the class to-date would be on an exam and you are allowed to prepare crib sheets on what you consider it might help you
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Unformatted text preview: -and/or notes that you may use in a few years if you need to remember what environmental sampling and planning is all about Hints: equations, definitions, relevant charts – use the handout from lecture 8 as a starting point + consult earlier lectures and handouts. Note: coherence and brevity, without loss of information!...
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