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Assignment 6

Assignment 6 - 4 Environmental context soils geology and...

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Assignment 6 (2010) We learned that a phase I environmental site assessment may be carried to identify likely past, current and future contamination issues. Identify a location anywhere in the continental US. Use the tools (see website information) provided at the last lecture to describe all the relevant physical and soil parameters of the chosen site that may be of significance for a future assessment of potential pollution risk associated with environmental releases of benzene. Please prepare a short report; include all available relevant information 1. Introduction, 2. Scope of work, 3. Identification of the site (legal description,)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Environmental context - soils, geology and hydrology, 5. Zoning and surrounding land uses, 6. Observations and site visit, 7. Public record review and ideally including a chain of title showing relevant ownerships and legal actions such as lawsuits and enforcement actions, 8. Air Photo interpretation, 9. Personal Interviews and any prior reporting on the site, 10. Pictures of the site, 11. Conclusions and recommendations including proposed sampling protocols if any, 12. Limitations of the report, 13. Qualifications of the author, 14. Addendum including any relevant publications that would otherwise clutter the main report....
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  • Spring '11
  • UNC
  • Environmental Site Assessment, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, available relevant information, future contamination issues, potential pollution risk, Public record review

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