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CENTRAL QUESTIONS IN RHETORIC 1. Is rhetoric a genuine art with a subject matter rightly its own? 2. What role does rhetoric play in our understanding and perception of the world? --appearance vs. reality --Plato "forms" transcend appearance 3. What are the implications of a rhetoric based on constructionism? --thinigs objectively true versus things that are generated by our talk. --EX:"murder is wrong" 4. What role does rhetoric play in other areas of thought and activity? -depends on view of rhetoric as constructing reality vs. rhetoric as the art of discourse. --how affects law, science, education 5. Is there such a thing as "unethical rhetoric?"
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Unformatted text preview: --Haiman: (objectivist view) "any rhetoric that serves to short-circuit the reasoning process is unethical." --Rogge (subjectivist) "the ultimate decision of ethical appropriateness is determined by what human subjects (the majority in a democracy) determine it is." 6. Is rhetoric a or the most basic discipline? 7. Is the use of rhetoric characteristic of the human condition? 8. Is the Western rhetorical condition inherently phallocentric? 9. Are there non-Western rhetorics? If so, what are their relation to Western rhetoric? 10. Is rhetoric essentially a conservative tool? 11. Does rhetoric matter at all?...
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