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WORLDVIEW DISTINCTIONS THEISTIC (premodern) MODERNIST POSTMODERNIST KNOWLEDGE and/or REASON Humans can know all there is to know about the world. God(s) reveal all we need to know. The problem of knowledge precedes all other questions about possibilities of, limits of, and criteria of human knowledge. Humans can only know through their 5 senses and reason/logic (logical positivism). No emphasis on epistemology because it is NOT the principle intellectual issue. Nothing can be known other than our talk about the world. All meaning ascribed through language/symbols. HUMAN NATURE Humans dominate over (stewardship of) Nature; Humans are imago dei . Humans at the center of nature (crowning glory of God’s creation). Nature is independent of and greater than humans are. Humans only another piece in the universe. Humans are biological machines programmed by external events. There is no “human nature” because there is no “self.” Group associations socially determine humans.
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