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Emergence of Rhetoric in Myth and Narrative MYTH One way of making sense of the world is through story telling and “myth.” -Note: C.S. Lewis text Till We Have Faces (retells story of Psyche and Cupid) quote: "dark and mysterious like blood rather than light and airy like reason." Myth: 1. A metalanguage that crosses cultures as it makes sense of the non-rational. B. Smith: “mythos rationalized a world where logic failed.” (???) 2. Myth imbues our rules of society with moral force—teach us particular values a. It connects us with the metaphysical and grounds us in the material b. Help teach lessons to communities that need order (if they have a moral, moral basis) i. Tower of Babel –don’t try to become equal with God ii. Tortise and Hare iii. Three Little Pigs 3. Myths are narratives that take on historic and cultural dimensions; they become part of the fabric of our lives. 4. Myths are not always national and cultural but also personal; help in personal decision making 5.
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