HW #3 Due 9.12.11 - Triton X-100 c. Octaethylene glycol...

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ChE 2002, Fall 2011, HW #3, Due 09.12.11 1. Work Problems 1 and 6 in Liengme, Chapter 5. Use a separate worksheet for each problem, but use only one workbook. 2. An emulsion is a stable dispersion of two immiscible liquids. Surfactants are chemicals used to stabilize emulsions. The tendency of a surfactant to stabilize an emulsion of a particular oil is given by its hydrophilic- lipophilic balance (HLB). Davies and Rideal (Interfacial Phenomena, 2 nd Edition, Academic Press, 1963) published a group contribution model for estimating the HLB of a surfactant. The HLB is calculated using the equation = + HLB 7 hydrophobic group + numbers hydrophilic group numbers . Group contributions are summarized in the following table: Prepare a worksheet to determine the HLB of a surfactant based on its structure. Use the worksheet to find the HLB values for the following surfactants: a. Cetyl alcohol b.
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Unformatted text preview: Triton X-100 c. Octaethylene glycol monododecyl ether d. Glyceryl laurate e. Cocamide monoethanolamine The structures of the surfactants can be found on the Internet. ChE 2002, Fall 2011, HW #3, Due 09.12.11 3. Label the tab for each worksheet with the problem #, e.g. BVL Ch.4 Prob 7 . Note: Homework solutions should be saved in the form of an Excel workbook file. The file should be named with your name, the course number, and the homework number, like this: J. Harwell ChE 2002 HW # 3 Deposit the homework in the course drop box in D2L by 8 AM on the due date. No late homework will be accepted. It is your responsibility to figure out how to use the drop box correctly and in a timely manner. No excuses will be accepted. If your Internet connection is down, then you need to go somewhere that you have Internet access and submit the homework before the deadline....
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HW #3 Due 9.12.11 - Triton X-100 c. Octaethylene glycol...

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