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ChE 2033 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals Fall 2011 REVIEW SHEET FOR CHAPTER #2: UNITS AND CALCULATIONS List of terms you should know Value unit dimension dimensional equation Conversion factors base units multiple units derived units Compound units SI CGS AE Pound force (lb f ) pound mass (lb m ) weight g g c scientific notation significant figures sample mean range sample variance interpolation dimensionless quantity extrapolation calibration exponential function dimensionless group power law dimensional homogeneity sample standard deviation Objectives 1. Convert a quantity expressed in one set of units into its equivalent in another dimensionally consistent units using conversion factor tables. 2. Identify units commonly used to express both mass and weight in SI, CGS, and American engineering units. Calculate weights from given masses in either natural units (e.g., kg·m/s 2 or lb m · ft/s 2 ) or defined units (N, lb f ). 3. Identity the number of significant figures in a given value expressed in either decimal or
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