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Homework Format Requirements - ChE 2033 Chemical...

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ChE 2033 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals Fall 2011 Homework Format Requirements A homework problem or assignment that does not adhere to the required format will have points deducted from the problem’s or assignment’s point value. At the instructor’s discretion, the amount of the deduction may be from 10% to 100% of the value (regardless of the correctness of the work submitted). Homework Format Essentials 1. Homework and handwriting must have a professional appearance . Your work must be legible and neat. Writing must be of sufficient darkness and size to be easily readable. Your work should clearly and concisely show your analysis, results, conclusions, and recommendations. The Graders or myself should not need a magnifying glass to read your work. 2. "Engineering paper" or “lined paper” is required . All paper must be of the same size, ruling and color. 3. Assignments must be stapled if they consist of more than one page or secured with binder clips, etc. Papers should NOT be folded. You will lose 5 pts for each unstapled page (i.e. 5 unstapled pages = 25 pt loss). 4. The first page should contain the specific problems or the assignment number and date due. 5. The following information should appear on every page in the top right-hand corner
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Homework Format Requirements - ChE 2033 Chemical...

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