Lecture 1 Introduction 8-22-11

Lecture 1 Introduction 8-22-11 - Chemical Engineering...

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1 Chemical Engineering Fundamentals ChE 2033 Dr. David Schmidtke Director of Bioengineering Center (OUBC) E-mail:[email protected] Office: SEC T-219 Phone: 325-7944 Biosensors Novel Redox Polymers Nanotube Biosensors Implantable Biosensors Enzymatic Biofuel Cells Cell Adhesion Leukocyte Adhesion Platelet Adhesion Cell Microparticles Microfabrication Cell & Protein Patterning Microfluidics Desire2Learn https://learn.ou.edu/index.asp Syllabus Lecture schedule Course CD Hand Out Questionnaire Mentoring/Tutoring Program Where do Chemical Engineers work? What classes do Chemical Engineers Take? What type of Jobs? Chemical Engineering at OU What is Chemical Engineering? Handout Survey What can Chemical Engineers do to solve them? What are the problems facing us today? Energy Health Care Pollution Terrorism
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2 Chemical engineering is…? Combining math, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering to solve a wide range of problems in a safe and economical fashion. Chemical engineers turn new advances in chemistry, materials science, and biology into large scale practical realities in the everyday world. What do Chemical Engineers do? Chemical engineers are directly or indirectly responsible for - the production of the fuel we burn - the food we eat - the purification of water and air - the recovery and use of raw materials. - create new chemical processes - efficient operation of industrial plants Energy/Fuels Biofuels Prof. Rick Mallinson Improved oil & natural gas recovery Alternative energy sources Prof. Lance Lobban Prof. Daniel Resasco Water purification UV Degradation of pollutants Prof. Jeffrey Harwell Prof. John Scamehorn Health Care Tissue Engineering New Drugs and Drug Therapies Prof. Roger Harrison Prof. Vassilios Sikavitsas Prof. Peter Heinzelman - Protein Engineering Biomedical Research White Blood cell rolling During inflammation Prof. Matthias Nollert Prof. Ed O’Rear III Prof. David Schmidtke Clot Dissolution Biosensors
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Lecture 1 Introduction 8-22-11 - Chemical Engineering...

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