Lecture 2 Problem Solving 8-24-11

Lecture 2 Problem Solving 8-24-11 - Homework Formatting The...

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1 Homework Formatting Problem Solving Mentors/Tutoring Program The following rules apply to all homework to be turned in. 1. All homework must be done on engineering or binder paper. 2. You must label each page with your Name and page number. (You will lose points if they are not labeled) 3. All homework with multiple pages must be stapled. For each page not stapled, 5 pts will be lost (i.e. 1 page = 5 pts, 2 pages = 10 pts, etc. .) 4. All homework must be legible. If it is not neat and readable, you will lose all points. 5. If numbers have units associated with them, remember to include the units in all calculations. Calculations without units will lose points. 6. On Homework Assignments use only 1 side of the paper. Do not write on both sides. 7. Circle/box your final answer. If you don’t indicate what your final answer is, you will lose points. 8. Unless otherwise stated, you must use the standard format as described in Module 1 of the CD (i.e. Given, Find, Assume, Plan, Solution). Name One of the main objectives of this course is to enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. If you can form good habits of problem solving early in your career, you will save considerable time and avoid many frustrations in all aspects of your work, in and out of school. PROBLEM SOLVING
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Lecture 2 Problem Solving 8-24-11 - Homework Formatting The...

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