Lecture 8 09-09-11 - Chapter 4 Material Balances Low...

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1 Exam #1(Closed Book) Chapter 4: Material Balances Single-Unit Processes Wednesday, September 21, 2011 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. PHSC Room 108 Quiz on Monday Sept. 12 Mole/mass fractions, temperature, pressure, manometers Low humidity air (0.0072 kg/kg absolute humidity, 27 ° C) is to be supplied to a process unit at a rate of 182 m 3 /hr. The air is conditioned by passing fresh air (36 ° C wet bulb, 70% relative humidity) through a cooler-condenser and then a heater. Calculate: a) The fresh air flow rate (m 3 /hr) b) The water removal rate (kg/hr) c) The cooling duty on the cooler-condenser unit (kW) Fresh Air Condensed Water Conditioned Air Cooler Condenser Heater Dr. Schmidtke has decided to open a new checking account. He initially deposits $1000 into the account. He then writes 3 checks: Check #102 is for $124, Check #103 is for $98, and Check #104 is for $35. The bank charges a service fee of $1.00 on each check written. After a month the bank credits Dr. Schmidtke’s account $10.00 due to interest. Finally Dr. Schmidtke makes a deposit of $100. What is the final balance in Dr. Schmidtke’s account? Doing a ‘mass balance’ is similar in principle to accounting . In accounting, accountants do balances of what happens to a Company’s money. Chemical engineers do a mass balance to account for what happens to each of the chemicals that is used in a chemical process.
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2 System - any arbitrary portion of or a whole process that you want to consider for analysis System Boundary – a line that encloses the portion of the process that you want to analyze Entire system single unit 1000 kg H 2 O Closed system – Changes can take place inside the system, but for a closed system, no mass exchange occurs with the surroundings. Batch process – a process in which material is neither added to nor removed from the process during its operation. 1000 kg
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Lecture 8 09-09-11 - Chapter 4 Material Balances Low...

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