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MIS301 iPremier Case Write-up

MIS301 iPremier Case Write-up - 10 a.m iPremier Case...

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10 a.m. iPremier Case Write-up Technical incident at iPremier: At the dawn of January 12, 2001 at iPremier Company, an anonymous hacker attempted to flood the company’s server by launching a denial of service attack. Although this DoS attack automatically stopped after about an hour, the employees of iPremier did not know at first whether it could bring a significant harm to the company, as it initially locked up their website. Whether or not this attack was not prevented due to the company’s insufficient amount of care in technical safeguards or human safeguards or neither, it could have caused a serious problem, such as an unauthorized disclosure of customer information. Important decisions to be made: Jack Samuelson should consider changing the collocation facility to a different partner, who could do a better job monitoring the website as well as offering a higher level of security than Qdata.
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