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Chapter 29 Electric Potential
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A particle with mass m and positive charge q is between two capacitor plates separated by d and an electric field E between the plates as show. a) If the particle is initially on plate a. How much work is required to move it to plate b? b) If the particle is now released from plate b, how fast is it going when it reaches plate a? d = 5.2 cm; E = 2.3 × 10 4 N/C; m = 1.67 × 10 −27 kg; q = 1.60 × 10 −19 C What is the work done by the electric field on the particle moving a → b? cos W d F s θ = = ∆ = F s F s plate a plate b F d s U initial U final Work done by the Electric Force on a Particle and Conservation of Energy
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