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MasteringPhysicsFDOCaugust2011 - Dear Student In this...

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Dear Student: In this course you will be using MasteringPhysics ® , an online tutorial and homework program that accompanies your textbook. If you have joined a MasteringPhysics course before and can still log in : Save time by following the guide for joining another course (available from www.masteringphysics.com > Tours & Training > Getting Started) instead of this page. What You Need: A valid email address A student access code (Comes in the Student Access Code Card/Kit that may have been packaged with your new textbook or that may be available separately in your school’s bookstore. Otherwise, you can purchase access online at www.masteringphysics.com .) The ZIP or other postal code for your school: ____ 73019 ___________ A Course ID: ___SKUBIC2524 ____________________ (Provided by your instructor) 1. Register Go to www.masteringphysics.com and click Students under Register . To register using the student access code inside the MasteringPhysics Student Access Code Card/Kit,
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