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Physics 2524, Discussion 4 Solutions 9/13/2011 Some of the first particle accelerators, used to study the nuclei of atoms, were large Van-de- Graaf generators that created potentials and forces used to smashed the nuclei together. In the double generator set up shown to the right, two identical metal spheres of radius R = 2 m are set up a distance of d = 8 m away from each other (from center to center). Each sphere is given a constant charge +Q = 40 μ C. Because they are conductors, the charge all resides on the surface of the spheres. You are using this set-up to accelerate alpha particles (charge q = +3.2x10 -19 C, mass m = 6.7x10 -27 kg). Throughout this problem, ignore the interactions between the alpha particles. Consider only the interactions of the particles with the fields and potentials due to the spheres. Also neglect the effects of gravity. a) Define the x-axis as a line that goes through the center of both of the Van-de-Graaf spheres, with x=0 at the center of the left sphere. Sketch the total electric field
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VanDerGraaf_pls_solutions - Physics 2524, Discussion 4...

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