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Action Center 8 Conformations - Question 1 5 From the...

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Action Center Practice Problem – Conformations (Klein: Chapter 4) Sections Covered: 4.6-4.15 1. Draw and label the conformations for the following compounds along the indicated bond using Newman projection. Indicate which conformation(s) would be the most stable and which would be the most stable. A) propane (C 1 -C 2 ) B) 1,2-dibromoethane (C 1 -C 2 ) D) 2-methylbutane (C 2 -C 3 ) 2. Draw the distinct chair conformations for the following compounds. Indicate which conformation(s) would be the most stable. A) trans -1,4-dimethylcyclohexane B) trans -1-cyano-3-methylcyclohexane C) cis -1-chloro-2-ethylcyclohexane 3. Draw the most stable conformation for the following compounds. A) cis -1-methyl-4-isopropylcyclohexane B) 2-bromobutane (C 2 -C 3 ) C) trans -1-bromo-2-methylcyclohexane 4. Draw a relative energy diagrams showing the conformational analysis for the compounds in
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Unformatted text preview: Question 1. 5. From the conformations for the compounds in Question 1, select conformation that would be examples of torsional strain, steric strain, and combined torsional and steric strain. Note: Not all compounds will exhibit all of the forms of strain. 6. The following substance was prepared and studied ( J. Org. Chem. , 1996 , 61 , 4634). A) Provide a clear drawing of the other chair conformation that is in equilibrium with the one shown here. O C CH 3 O N B) Is the equilibrium constant for this chair-to-chair interconversion >1, 0, or <1? Provide the speciFc structural rationalization for this prediction as applied to this substance. C) A common incorrect answer to part (A) is shown below. Why is this incorrect? O CH 3 C O N...
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