Action Center 22 Radical Reactions

Action Center 22 Radical Reactions - Cl (25C) Br (150C)...

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Action Center Practice Problem – Radical Reactions (Klein: Chapter 11) Sections Covered: 11.1-11.13 1. Provide the products from monohalogenation for each of the following reactions. 2. Using the table below for the relative reactivity of the different halogens with C-H bonds, predict the major product obtained upon radical halogenation for the following compounds with with F 2 , Cl 2 , and Br 2 . Remember to consider the number of equivalent hydrogens. F• (25˚C)
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Unformatted text preview: Cl (25C) Br (150C) Primary C-H 1 1 1 Secondary C-H 1.2 3.9 82 Tertiary C-H 1.4 5.1 1600 X 2 hv X 2 hv 3. Provide the complete, stepwise mechanism for the following transformations. Br 2 h Br Br HBr peroxide h 4. Devise a synthesis of each target molecule from the given starting material in the following retrosyntheses shown below. Provide the reagents and conditions for each step in the synthesis. OH Br Br O...
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