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Action Center 24 Alcohol Reactions 1

Action Center 24 Alcohol Reactions 1 - Include the...

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Action Center Practice Problems – Alcohol Reactions 1 (Klein: Chapter 13) Sections Covered: 13.1-13.5 1. Provide a systematic IUPAC name for the following molecules. Include the stereochemical designation ( cis - trans , E - Z, R-S ). OH OH CH 3 OH OH 2. Provide the most likely product(s) for the following reactions.
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Unformatted text preview: Include the stereochemistry is applicable. H O H 2 Pt OH Na OCH 2 CH 3 O 1. LiAlH 4 (excess) 2. H 2 O 3. Provide the reagents necessary to complete the following reactions. OH O OH OH OH 4. Provide the complete, stepwise mechanism for the following transformations. O OH NaBH 4 CH 3 OH...
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