Syllabus CHEM 3053001 F11

Syllabus CHEM 3053001 F11 - The University of Oklahoma...

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The University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences SYLLABUS: Organic Chemistry I: Biological Emphasis, CHEM 3053 Fall 2011 I. COURSE: CHEM 3053.001: MWF 9:30-10:20 AM, Adams Hall 150 Prerequisite: CHEM 1415 or CHEM 1425 II. INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Professor: Dr. Mark C. Morvant OfFce: SLSRC 2190 (primary), PHSC 308A (secondary) Telephone: (405) 325-9011 E-mail: mailto:[email protected] Web Site: Desire2Learn OfFce Hours: TR 10:00-11:00 AM (SLSRC 2190), MW 1:00-2:00 PM (PHSC 308A) Action Center: R 4:30-5:30 PM III. TEXTBOOK AND OTHER MATERIALS: Text: Klein, David , Organic Chemistry, 1st. ed .; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, 2012 . ( Required ) Other Materials: access for Online Assignments Molecular model kit ( Recommended ) IV. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Intended for life science majors. First course in a Two-semester sequence (3053 and 3153). This course will cover the concepts of organic structure, nomenclature, and reactivity with an emphasis on biological applications. V. OBJECTIVES: The overall objective is for the student to master the nomenclature, structural relationships to reactivity and shape, and reactions and reagents of the principal classes of organic compounds. VI. EVALUATION: The course grade will be determined by the average of Quizzes, 4 Exam grades and a Final Exam. The Final letter grading for the lecture course will be as follows: A = 90%, B = 89-80%, C = 79-70%, D = 69-60%, F = <60%.
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2 COURSE GRADE Exams [email protected] 400 Final Exam [email protected] 200 Online Assignments ( [email protected] 140 Quizzes best 8 out [email protected] 80 Total Points Possible 820 Exams: The Exams will be 100-point fifty-minute long exams and will be given at the beginning of class. The exams will most often be a mixture of multiple choice and free response questions (short answer, essay, mechanism…). The instructor does reserve the right to give exam that are composed of all multiple choice or all free response questions. The instructor also reserves the right to make different versions of an exam with different questions that cover the same course material and concepts. The final exam will count as two exams (200 points) and will be a comprehensive exam over the whole semester. The final exam will be a two-hour exam and therefore will be approximately twice the length of a regular semester exam. It is very important that each student show up on time during Exam days. Every effort will be made by the instructor to distribute the exam materials in a timely fashion. Students that arrive to take the exam after the first student has turned in their exam and left the exam room will not be allowed to take the exam. The late arrival to an exam shall be treated as an unexcused absence to an exam and the student shall receive a zero, 0, for the exam grade. Quizzes:
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Syllabus CHEM 3053001 F11 - The University of Oklahoma...

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