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Unformatted text preview: Instructions for Using Optimal Resume* Below are instructions on how to use Optimal Resume via Optimal Resume is a program designed to help students develop quality resumes that will help them in their job search. 1) Go to and click on the Students tab in the top left corner, which will take you to the student homepage. Once there, you can select “Services/Resources” under “Getting Started” in the left‐hand column. If you scroll down the page, you can select Optimal Resume. 2) You will see a login page where you must login with your OU 4x4 and password to verify you are a currently enrolled OU student. After logging in, an Optimal Resume icon will appear, click the icon to access. 3) Once in Optimal Resume, click on “Create New Account” (if you already have an account with Optimal Resume, you can skip this step and go straight to step 4). Make sure your pop up blocker is not on while in Optimal Resume. Next, you will need to enter the OU passcode, which is sooners. You will then create your user profile, which is where you will complete your account and education section. Follow directions as instructed. 4) After you complete your account and education information, select “Create a New Resume”. Enter a name for your resume and select “Start Resume”. 5) The “Browse Section Sets”, “Browse Samples” and “Start from Scratch” boxes will appear. You may select any of these options but OU Career Services has created resume templates for you to use under “Browse Samples”. Select how you want to build your resume and click “Continue”. 6) If you chose to select “Browse Samples” you will then choose University of Oklahoma Samples in the “Categories” box. Completed resumes will be viewable in sample box below the “Categories” box. Click on the sample you wish to preview and then click on “Use This Sample” at the top of the page if you want to continue to use it. 7) Click on each section within the resume template and replace the sample information with your information. Select “Save” once you have added all of your information. You may click on “Section Examples” located at the bottom on the right hand side under “Tools” if you are having trouble preparing this section. Only include activities from your college experience. 8) Once you have completed your resume in Optimal Resume, you can preview it by clicking on “Print Preview” at the top of the resume. When you are satisfied with your document, click “Back to Builder” in the upper left hand corner. 9) Remember use the “Spell Check” option in the column to the right. You can then click on “Download” at the top of the resume and select “Microsoft Word Compatible.” Once you are in Word, you can manipulate your margins; fix your format, etc. Make sure that you save your document in Word once your editing is complete. 10) Bring your resume by the Career Services office on the 3rd floor of the Oklahoma Memorial Union to be reviewed by a Career Adviser. *Instructions for Mac computer users on other side of page If you’re using a Mac, your document might open as an .RTF file in TextEdit. This can cause a number of formatting glitches, which can make your resume look far different from the online version. To preserve formatting, try one of the following: Safari Fix: When you click on the Microsoft Compatible button, Safari should pop up two windows: a. Downloads, and b. Txt file (that you don’t want) • If the download tab does not pop up, go to Safari Dropdown menu and select Preferences ›General › Save downloaded files to: Download. • In the Download window, click on the magnifier button, which will prompt the Finder. • Find the file. Click once on the document name and re‐name it from an .RTF to either a .doc or a .docx. • It will ask you ‘Do you really want to change it?’ Choose Use *.doc. • Click on the file and it will open in Word with the proper formatting. Firefox Fix: • Go to the Firefox drop down menu and select Preferences › Main tab › Downloads. • Click the ‘Show downloads – Always ask me where to save files’ box. • This will allow for a pop‐up box to open and you can choose to open your document using Word. Google Chrome Fix: • Go to the Google Chrome drop down menu and select Preferences › Under the Hood › Downloads. • Check the ‘Downloads – ‘Ask me where to save each file before downloading’ box. • You can also try saving your document as .doc or .docx when the ‘Save As’ box comes up. ...
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