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CHI506 L. 14 Notes - 1 有(negation 沒有(1 possession to...

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1. (negation: 沒有 ) (1) possession to have Ex1. I (don’t) have a German car. 我(沒)有德國車。 Ex2. She (doesn’t) has a Chinese-English dictionary. 她 (沒)有中英詞典。 (2) Existence there is…/there are… Ex1. There is (not) a telephone in the dormitory. The dormitory (doesn’t) has a telephone. 宿舍 (沒)有電話。 Ex 2. There are (not) foreign professors in our university. Our university (doesn’t) has foreign professors. 我們大學(沒)有外國教授。 2. negation: 不給) (1) Verb to give (Sub.+ +Sb.+Sth.) Ex1. Teacher Gao (didn’t) gave me a cigarette. Gao 老師(不)給我煙。 (2) Preposition : for / to (do sth. for/to sb.) Ex1. Teacher Gao bought a cigarette for me. Teacher Gao for me bought a cigarette. Gao 老師給我買煙。 Ex2. Teacher Gao introduced her BF to me. Teacher Gao to me introduced her BF. Gao 老師給我介紹她男朋友。
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Ex 3. I write a letter to my parents at home .
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