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BCC syllabusCHEMISTRY 2211summer2006 - BROWARD COMMUNITY...

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1 BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE Department of Natural Science - Chemistry CHM. 2211, Organic Chemistry II Summer, 20063 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is the second course in the two-course sequence: CHM. 2210 and CHM 2211. A continuation of the study of the remaining classes of organic compounds including Use of spectroscopic methods and an introduction to bio organic molecules. Laboratory course of CHM 2211L must be taken concurrently with CHM 2211. General Education Requirements -Associate of Arts Degree, meets Area(s): General Education Requirements - Associate in Science Degree, meets Area(s): Pre- or Co-requisite : CHM 2210 and CHM 2210L with a grade of C or higher Co-requisite: CHM 2211L Class times: M,W: 9:00AM TO 12:05PM INSTRUCTOR: Behnoush Memari OFFICE: 57- 145 Website address : www.broward.edu/~bmemari E-MAIL: bmemari@broward.edu TELEPHONE: 954-201-2460(office) or 954-201-2284(Department) FAX NUMBER : 954-201-2479 OFFICE HOURS : Mon, Wed, 8:30 to 9:00 am Others by appointment REQUIRED TEXT: : Organic Chemistry, 6th ED., Wade, Jr., L. G., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458, 2003, ISBN 0-13-147871-0 Handouts: I will usually have the power point presentations posted on my website and you are expected to print them out prior to your class and bring them in with you. If you have any difficulty to print them just ask me.
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2 CHM2211 covers units in: 1. Alcohols and Ethers 2. Spectroscopy 3. Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives 4. Carbonyl Chemistry: Aldehydes and Ketones 5. Amines 6. Selected Topics Grading Policy : Assignments + quizzes + attendance + class participation (10%) : You will be assigned problems for each topic covered in the lecture. Assignments may be written or on-line assignments. On-line assignments may be accessed via http://www.prenhall.com/wade/. Late or incomplete assignments will not be accepted. Exams (3 out of 4(75%) : Four exams will be given throughout the course of the semester. Refer to the schedule for tentative test dates and coverage. Please note that MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL NOT BE GIVEN . To compensate for this regulation, the lowest test score will be dropped. IF YOU MISS AN EXAM, FOR WHATEVER REASON, IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME YOUR DROPPED SCORE. Final Exam (15%) : EXAM (cumulative including material covered after last exam): On Wednesday , June 21 , 2006 during the last class meeting. The grading scale will be approximately: 90-100% = A 80-89% = B 70-79%=C 60-69% = D An “I” grade will be given only if the final exam is missed due to documented, extreme circumstances. WITHDRAWAL: If a student desires to withdraw from this course, it is imperative that the student completes the proper forms at the Registrar's Office on or before June 05 . If a student stops attending class and do not withdraw properly, he/she will receive a grade of F . If you drop the lecture course, you will automatically be dropped from the laboratory
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2011 for the course CHM 2211 taught by Professor Choudhury,l during the Summer '08 term at Broward College.

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BCC syllabusCHEMISTRY 2211summer2006 - BROWARD COMMUNITY...

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