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MAC2233 First Day Assignments 1) Print the syllabus on the course website at . From the main page, select the Business Calculus page from the Courses dropdown box. Go to “Course Info”, and you will see the syllabus. Read the entire document and email me at [email protected] with any questions. 2) Print the CoursePack from the course website : Go to the Business Calculus page as in #1 above and go to the Handouts dropdown menu. Print the entire CoursePack. These are all the handouts for the semester. You should bring your CoursePack to class every time! 3) Check out the course website and see all the resources that are available to you! Check into the Smarthinking (under Course Resources on the Business Calculus page) and also go to and look up the textbook for the course. This will provide an additional way to practice homework problems and will help you throughout the course. 4)
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