Chapter 7 Bone Tissue

Chapter 7 Bone Tissue - Chapter 7 Bone Tissue BONE AS A...

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Chapter 7 Bone Tissue BONE AS A TISSUE Dynamic tissue that continually remodels itself Bones and bone tissue bone or osseous tissue is a connective tissue with a matrix hardened by minerals (__________________) bones make up the skeletal system Functions of the skeletal system Bone Shapes fig.7-1 Long bone Flat bone Short bone BONE PARTS Periosteum & articular cartilage Endosteum *Yellow marrow Shaft or ___________ is cylinder of compact bone containing marrow cavity or endosteum -layer of _____________ cells and reticular connective tissue Enlarged ends or _________________ are spongy bone covered with a layer of compact bone Joint surface covered with articular cartilage (lubrication) What kind of cartilage??? Remainder of bone covered with periosteum outer fibrous layer of collagen fibers continuous with tendons that penetrate into bone matrix __________________________depends on age FLAT BONES External and internal surfaces of flat bone are composed of compact bone Middle layer is spongy bone No marrow cavity Examples?
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BONE TISSUE CELL TYPES 1) _____________cells reside in _____________, ____________ or central canals arise from embryonic fibroblasts and become only source for new osteoblasts multiply continuously & differentiate into osteoblasts in response to stress or fractures 2) Osteoblasts form and help mineralize organic matter of matrix 3) ____________ are ____________ that have become trapped in the matrix they formed 4) Osteoclasts develop in bone marrow by the fusion of 3-50 of the same stem cells that give rise to monocytes found in blood. ____________________________!!! Reside in pits that they have eaten into the surface of the bone Matrix of bone Organic matter Inorganic matter 85% hydroxyapatite (crystallized calcium phosphate salt) 10% calcium carbonate other minerals (fluoride, sulfate, potassium, magnesium) minerals resist compression; collagen resists tension bone adapts to tension and compression by varying proportions of minerals and collagen fibers COMPACT BONE Osteon (________________ system) = basic structural unit cylinders of tissue formed from layers (________) of matrix arranged around central canal holding a blood vessel osteocytes connected to each other and their blood supply by tiny cell processes in _____________ Perforating canals or Volkmann canals vascular canals perpendicularly joining central canals- run horizontally
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Chapter 7 Bone Tissue - Chapter 7 Bone Tissue BONE AS A...

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