chapter 14-05 - CHAPTER 14 Overview of the brain Meninges,...

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CHAPTER 14 Overview of the brain Meninges, ventricles, cerebrospinal fluid & blood supply Hindbrain and midbrain Forebrain Higher brain functions The cranial nerves Rostral ___________ - Caudal ________________ Major parts of the brain - cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem cerebrum is ___% of brain volume; cerebellum contains 50% of the neurons brain weighs 3 to 3.5 pounds Longitudinal fissure separates 2 cerebral hemispheres. ______ are the hills and ______ the grooves surface layer of gray matter is called ___________; deeper masses of gray matter are called nuclei bundles of axons (white matter) are called __________ Dura mater -- outermost, tough membrane 2 sublayers 1) 2) Separation of 2 creates ______________which drain blood from brain supportive structures formed by dura mater falx cerebri falx cerebelli tentorium cerebelli epidural space filled with fat in lower back region Arachnoid mater is spider web like layer Pia mater is a thin vascular layer adherent to contours of brain Meningitis Inflammation of the ____________ Serious disease of infancy and childhood between 3 months and 2 years of age _________________ and __________ invasion of the CNS by way of the nose and throat pia mater and arachnoid are most likely to be affected
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Ventricles Internal chambers within the CNS ________ ventricles found inside cerebral hemispheres ________ ventricle is single vertical space under corpus callosum cerebral aqueduct runs through midbrain ___________ runs down through spinal cord Lined with ___________ cells and containing choroid plexus of capillaries that produce CSF CSF- Clear liquid fills ventricles and canals & bathes its external surface (in subarachnoid
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chapter 14-05 - CHAPTER 14 Overview of the brain Meninges,...

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