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Chapter 15 notes - Chapter 15 Autonomic Nervous system...

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Chapter 15 Autonomic Nervous system General Properties Motor nervous system that controls glands, cardiac and smooth muscle also called ______________________. Regulates unconscious processes that maintain homeostasis ANS carries out its actions ___________________ biofeedback techniques training that teaches some people to control hypertension, stress and migraine headaches. Visceral Reflexes Unconscious, automatic responses to stimulation of Receptors detect internal stimuli – _________ neurons connect to ______________ in the CNS Efferent neurons carry _____________ signals to the effectors ANS is the ______________of these reflex arcs ANS ________________ effector activity rather than causing it high blood pressure activates a visceral baroreflex Visceral Reflex to High BP page 565 Divisions of ANS Two divisions that innervate the same target organs and may have cooperative or contrasting effects ________________ prepares body for physical activity ________________________ has calming affect on many body functions & assists in bodily maintenance ____________________ is the normal rate of activity that represents the balance of the two systems Effects of each depend upon neurotransmitters released Somatic vs autonomic pathways ANS = ___ neurons span the distance from CNS to effectors presynaptic neuron cell body in CNS -- brain or spinal cord postsynaptic neuron cell body in peripheral ganglion
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SYMPATHETIC NS Origin of presynaptic neurons ____________________of thoracic to lumbar cord (T1-L2) Sympathetic chain ganglia (_________________) 3 cervical, 11 thoracic, 4 lumbar, 4 sacral & 1 coccygeal ganglia
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