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Key Concepts 3 The Koryô Period Wang Kôn (King T’aejo), -Founder of Koryo Dynasty. When Kungye rebelled against Silla and founded Taebong. However, his cruelty caused his four generals to overthrow him and crown Wang Kon as the King of later Paekjae, and eventually Koryo. Wang Kon promoted Buddhism as national religion. geomancy, - method of divination that interprets markings on the ground, or how handfuls of dirt land when someone tosses them. Superstitious. Pungsu. Myoch’ong, -Influential Buddhist monk in Koryo period. Proposed to move the capital to Pyeongyang. Split the Koryo nobilities in half. Led a rebellion against the government but later crushed by Kim Pu Sik. local officials (local vs. central power), civil service examinations, - Only those who came from high-ranking families were permitted to take the test to move up in the ranking system; extremely challenging. Often corrupt. Bribery. Divided into two sections: civil and military. Confucianism,
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