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ENGR 2010 Thermodynamics I: Homework Set 4 1. You pour 0.5 L of boiling water into a 5 L glass jar. After a few seconds – during which the steam rising from the liquid has displaced all of the air in the jar – you tightly cap the jar and place the jar in the refrigerator. At this moment the system can be assumed to be a saturated mix, with 1/10 of the total volume in the liquid phase. The system cools to 5 C. Calculate how much heat was transferred to the system. 2. A rigid container of volume 0.1 m 3 contains 5 kg of water at 20 C. The maximum allow- able pressure of the container is set at 5 MPa. The system is now connected to a heat source, which transfers heat at a rate of 500 W to the container. How long will the container survive? 3. A system contains 2 kg water at 500 C and 500 kPa. Heat is now transferred from the water in a constant pressure process. At the end of process 3000 kJ of heat has been removed from the water. Find the initial and final volumes of the system. 4. Air is contained in a piston–cylinder apparatus.
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