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MECH 3020 Thermodynamics II: Homework set #7, Due 2/14 1. A simple Rankine cycle has a condenser pressure of 50 kPa. The temperature of the steam entering the turbine is T 3 = 500 C. To prevent corrosion of the turbine blades by liquid water, the boiler pressure is set so that the exit of the turbine is a saturated vapor at the condenser pressure. (a) Assuming that the turbine and the pump are isentropic, calculate the boiler pressure, the net work per unit mass, and the overall thermal efficiency of the cycle. (b) Perform the same calculation, except now take the turbine to have an isentropic efficiency of η t = 0 . 85. The pump can be assumed isentropic as before. Note: the solution procedure requires iteration. You must guess a boiler pressure, and then work downstream to calculate the turbine exit state. If you get a saturated vapor as the exit then you guessed correctly, otherwise refine your guess and iterate. 2. A proposal is now made to add a reheater to the basic setup of problem 1. The condenser pressure
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