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MECH 3020 Thermodynamics II: Homework Assignment # 14 1. (Due on Monday) A fuel–lean mixture of propane and air enter a torch at 298 K. Determine the percent theoretical air needed to provide an adiabatic flame temperature of 1400 K, using (a) enthalpy values as a function of temperature (use the property data sheet), and (b) a constant specific heat assumption with a lower heating value of the fuel. Make a reasonable assumption for the specific heat. The following problems are due Wednesday 2. A mixture of octane vapor and 150 % theoretical air is initially at 298 K, 1 atm pressure. The mixture is enclosed in a rigid container of volume V = 2 L. The mixture is ignited, and the system is cooled to a
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Unformatted text preview: nal temperature of 400 K. Calculate the heat transfer from the system and the nal system pressure. 3. Methane enters a heater at 298 K, 1 atm pressure with a volumetric ow rate of V = 50 cc/s. The fuel is mixed with air at the same temperature and pressure, and the mixture has an equivalence ratio of = 0 . 9. Using a constant specic heat for the products of c P = 1 . 05 kJ/kg K, calculate and plot the rate of heat transfer from the heater as a function of product exhaust temperature, for T P = 298 K to 400 K. Be sure to include the eect of water condensation in your result. The MATLAB steam functions will be useful in this assignment. 1...
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