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MECH 5970/6970/6976 Spring 2011 Intermediate Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering Renewable Energy Resources and Applications Chapter 10 Homework Exercises: Due 13 April 1. Evaluate the reversible work per unit mass, the thermodynamic efficiency (i.e., heat engine efficiency definition), and the open cell voltage for fuel cells operating with a) H 2 , b) CO, c) CH 4 , and d) CH 3 OH (methanol). Assume the cell operates at 298 K, pure oxygen is supplied as the oxidizer, and all compounds are in the gas phase and are at 1 atm pressure (i.e., neglect the effects of partial pressures). The following thermodynamic information will be useful.
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Unformatted text preview: chemical h ◦ f , MJ/kmol g ◦ f , MJ/kmol H 2 O 2 H 2 O-242-229 CO 2-394-394 CO-111-137 CH 4-75-51 CH 3 OH-201-162 2. Prepare a 1–2 page profile on a company, of you choice, involved in the design and manufacture of fuel cells. Your profile should include information such as the size and projected growth rate, the market for the product, the technological/enginnering issues related to the product, and anything else you deem relevant. The text has a number of links to fuel cell companies, and you can find others via a web search....
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