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Reaction Paper #1 9/18/2006 As with many historical accounts go, there have been controversies on the ancient history of the Korean peninsula. The two Koreas, the North and the South, each hold a different stance when viewing the early history of Korea, even though they have common ancestry. Each country’s arguments concern over this question: “Did Parhae succeed Koguryo?” Parhae was a substantially powerful territory, yet, still very controversial when considering its place in Korean history. Some historians argue that Parhae was a part of Korean history, which succeeded Koguryo, while others argue that the race that composed Parhae was mainly from China, thus should be excluded from Korean history. Most historians from North Korea support the former while most historians from South Korea support the latter. The North wants to prove that Parhae was an independent nation that succeeded Koguryo and therefore support the legitimacy of the Korean timeline in this order: Old Choson, Koguryo, Parhae and then Koryo. On the
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