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MECH 7220/26 Convection heat transfer: Fall 2010 Instructor: Daniel W. Mackowski 344 Ross, 844-3334, [email protected] office hours MWF 2:00–3:00, TH 1:00-3:00 Text: Convective Heat Transfer , Adrian Bejan, Supplemental notes and reading assignments will be assigned throughout the semester. Course Objectives: The course will examine the analysis and prediction of convective transport for a variety of flow and heat transfer configurations. Computer/software usage: We will rely extensively on the symbolic/numeric package Mathematica throughout the course. I would encourage you to purchase a copy, providing you have the resources. See me if you do not have the resources. You may also use Matlab if that package is more to your liking, yet I will not be able to give you the same assistance for Matlab codes that I can for Mathematica . Homework: Homework problems will be assigned on a regular basis. As you might have already discovered, graduate–level homework problems are considerably more demanding
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